April 29, 2013

A Mouse's Point of View

Hello here is some radio news!
My show is called "A Mouse's Point of View."
My name is Ralph; I am bold, smart; the best.
If you don't believe me, I'll prove it by test.
Even though I'm a mouse, I can tackle big things.
Better than you can 'cause I am so keen!
And since I'm such a kind mouse, I'll tell you what I mean.
Do you know, by the fireplace, on his comfy lookin' mat.
Is the scariest, glariest, crazy, old cat!
Well, I'll creep up behind him real, quiet real still.
Then I'll swing him around and around by his tail!
So here I go! Shhhhhh, please don't give my away.
Quietly, quietly I am on my way!
Oh great! I notice a crumb on the floor!
And since I'm so wise, I'll tell you some more.
Food gives you energy, just what I need.
To tackle a cat with the strength of a steed!
And you know what I'll do, since I'm hungry too?
I'm eating it! CRUNCH! oops, did the cat here that too?
He's opening his eyes with a nasty, mean glare.
I find it hard to admit he's giving me a scare.
Oof! He's got me. I'm struggling my best,
And now I'm afraid I can't tell you the rest!
Gulp, mmmmm...

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