October 11, 2012

Roman Ruins of LUGDUNUM

My Grandparents live in a city in France called Lyon. Now Ludgunum was Lyon's ancient name.  The ruins of the Roman theaters of Lugdunum are so old that you can only see the outlines of the off-stage rooms, but the seating area has been very well preserved.  This place was around during Jesus' time on earth.  Most of the rooms were very small.  The theater, unlike the rooms, was huge and it had great acoustics.  These theaters were used for plays, not for games. Amphitheaters were for games and were where lots of Christians (including many in Lugdunum) and other criminals were killed.  Amphitheaters= games, Theaters= acting.  In fact, Jesus called the Pharisees in Jerusalem hypocrites, which came from a term used in the Roman theaters.  Hypocrite means and actor on the outside but something different on the inside.  There were also a lot of steps in the theater... too many!  So many that you were out of breath before you reached the top.  Aunt Tia said she could hear us breathing from the top of the steps while we were still way way down at the bottom.  The theaters really echoed!  The Roman theaters were great, but if you want to go there, prepare to be exhausted!

looking down
with my cousin

large pillars

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  1. I remember that day! You guys have grown up so much since then! ~ Aunt Tia


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