September 28, 2012


The Louvre is the biggest museum in the world! At first it was a medieval fort, then it was a palace, and then it was a museum.  It was enormous and fascinating inside.  There were Egyptian statues, ancient busts, very old sculptures that mostly weren't even whole, paintings.. this sentence could go on and on.  One of my favorite paintings was one of Napoleon crowning Queen Josephine.  It looked sort of like this:

There were paintings of Bible stories, like Jesus on the the cross.  I also remember one of a family tying to escape the flood.  A young man hanging on a branch of a dead tree.  An old man, using all his strength, was hanging on the young man, almost choking him.  The young man's wife was grasping the man's leg.  Finally, there was a young boy handing from the woman's hair.  The tree that the young man was holding onto was breaking.  Some paintings like that one weren't happy pictures.  Most pictures weren't sad pictures, tough :-) There were a lot of portraits of smiling or expressionless people. It was all very thrilling.  I liked it a whole bunch.

Napoleon Crowning Josephine- HUGE painting that covered a whole wall!

Napoleon crossing the Alps
Winged Victory

Mona Lisa

Ancient Egyptian statues

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