March 19, 2018

3 Kids on a Sugar High Play Mario

I made this, like, half a year ago, but forgot to post it.... Hmmm.

Enjoy quality gaming using a quality screen recorder that is definitely not an old phone on a music stand. :D

February 6, 2018

January 29, 2018


       I wrote this for my college blog. It is exactly the same as the old school blog, just on the college site. :)

        With more and more entertainment filling our lives, more messages entering our brains, more false morals being taught in movies, books, television, advertisements, and more, the idea of anything having purpose has slipped from our thoughts, as Satan wants it to. Purpose is a thing that makes us uncomfortable, and we strive to avoid interacting with it for that reason, but we end up fulfilling a purpose anyway, God's or the world's. Wouldn't it just be great if we could just sit on the fence and not worry about making any moral choices? Maybe. . . . If you completely ignored the consequences of choosing or not choosing to love the Creator God.

November 5, 2017

A Quick Note! Patience, Trust, and Hope

Patience: Patience involves waiting and remembering that God is in control and He will do things His way in His timing (which is always perfect.) Patience involves allowing Him this authority in our lives without complaining. It's something I can work on. :)

Trust:  Trust is when we know everything we can at the moment. But sometimes it seems like we reach the dead end. All that's left are the things you are unsure about. Either you haven't learned it yet, or you have to wait for it, or there seems to linger an annoying doubt or uncertainty that seems to pull down on your ears. You can shake it off, but the thought just lingers a bit. Trust is knowing that, as humans, we can't do anything more. It's leaving the rest to God and believing that God is going to "remember" us as He "remembered" Noah. Not that He forgot him, but that God was ready to do the next thing. God doesn't leave anything unfinished.

August 22, 2017

April 25, 2017

Baby K is finally here!

Yes. I may periodically post some videos with my two other crazy sibs here. :) Even made an animation for it. ;)

April 10, 2017

Bible Devo Thingy Thoughts About Verses

I've been thinking about stuffs. A lot of verses have been coming to my mind. I wasted the time I had to write this sooner when the thoughts were fresher, so now I will just go off the verses I have and write and hopefully, I will remember some more things.

    At school we were talking about A Farewell to Arms in a socratic seminar. I am very blessed to have open minded, hard-thinking classmates that are pretty much all Christian. The point is not exactly to speak what you believe, but what the author believed, what the character believes, and how those beliefs relate to your own, so it all interconnects. In A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway, it shows the thoughts of the main character, Lt. Frederick Henry saying:

April 2, 2017

My Little Siblings and I

I was going to use this for something else, but it didn't work, but I saved this part. :)

March 9, 2017

March 5, 2017

February 17, 2017

Here are some good jokes made by my siblings. :)

These are my brother's:

This is my sister's:

February 10, 2017


            I go into the storage room, see the open bag of veggie straws, and without thinking, reach in and grab a few. My mind awakens by the sound of the salty crunch. Wait a second, I’m not supposed to eating these. These are for school snacks. … Uh oh. How many of these have I eaten already today? I look into the bag. There was about an inch’s worth left in the bottom of the bag. Goodness! The level of veggie straws has gone down noticeably! How did that happen? I’m still craving another crunch, but at that point, if I took much more the entire bag would be gone! I get aggravated that there is nothing to eat. Walking through the kitchen, past the large bowls of fruit and the fridge full of bread, cheese, meat, greens, rice, and more, and head to bed angry at my growling stomach.