February 3, 2012


Tien Pao, a loving little boy, was attacked by the Japanese; he, his family, and his town. Tien Pao, Tien Pao's father and mother, and Tien pao's baby sister, Beauty-Of-The-Republic hid in some reeds, with all the bombing behind them. Then they spotted one single sampan left in the river; that was their chance!. Going up river, they reached a town called Hengyang. Tien pao's father and mother got a job at an air field, leaving Tien Pao by himself in the sampan. Sadly, during a rainstorm, the sampan was knocked off the shore and was carried back to Japanese territory. Now Tien Pao will have to avoid the Japanese to stay alive and to get back to his family. Will he be able to return to his family? Will he be able to keep his pet pig and ducklings safe with him? The answers are in this book. I would recommend this book for any person who has time to read it.

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