October 10, 2011


Karana has a wonderful life on the Island of the Blue Dolphin until the Aleuts come. They take the life of her father, the chief of the tribe. The next chief in place of her father travels East to the place they call "America" to find a safer place for the people to live. After a while he sends American ships back to pick them up. But karana's brother is left behind. He had gone to get his fishing spear when they were boarding the ship. Karana does not leave him alone; she jumps off the boat and swims to the shore to stay with him. But Ramo does not survive by wild dogs. Now Karana is by herself on a island one league long and two leagues wide. Will she be captured by the wild dogs? Will she be able to survive? Will the American ships come back? Will she ever see her family again? You get to find out! I would recommend this book but not as enthusiastically as others because it doesn't have as much adventure (like travel) and it's a little sad. :(

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