September 30, 2011

Torches of Joy

John Decker and his wife Helen were inspired by God to bring the Gospel to one of the native tribes in Irian Jaya, a country to the West part of Papua New Guinea. At first it was hard to do that because the Danis had their own beliefs. That didn't get in the way though because John Decker actually started with their beliefs to help them understand the Word of God. He explained little by little using parts of their culture until they finally saw what God had done. Helen had a hard time adjusting to a unusual house and climate. When it rained, worms fell from the dirt ceiling. Lots of times beetles came in no matter how furiously she swept. She got very sick a couple of times, once from lack of iodine. But in the Name of Jesus she and many more were healed. Within a few years, John Decker's work echoed into Danis teaching other tribes about Jesus.
"Oh Creator Greetings! We never knew you existed, but here we are!"

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