January 13, 2015

nothin' much

           So this morning I was talking with my dad when I really thought through the complete plan of my study. It was more than I remembered, but I knew this was the right choice. My plan is to start off with an ice breaker to get all these boys from different places to know each other. Something like, hmm..., a guessing game! I will have some sticky notes of with the names of famous people written on them. I will stick a note on he forehead of each person and they have to guess what the name on their sticky note is. For example, Abraham Lincoln. Hmm, let me think of some more: Cinderella, Moses, Pinocchio, King Arthur, Shamu the Whale, Peyton Manning, Charlie Brown, President Obama, Olaf, Saint Nicholas..... That's good! That will be one of my ice breakers!

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