January 5, 2015

Light, Joy, Hope, Love......Weird.

I type this today with no intentions on what my main point is. That is okay, we will just see how this turns out. I will start with what I want to do this month. I want to start a group of boys for reading the Bible and doing it in our daily lives. What do I tell all these boys that are my age and younger? We will have a time of sharing what the Lord has put in our hearts, but there will also be a devotional lead by me and my core group of boys. These are some things that I have been thinking of recently:
     God says, "You are my holy people." We are. Let's see,...we are not Obama's people, we are not TV's people, we are not the worlds people. We are God's people, guys!!.........What does that mean?
 Well, the Lord says, "Be holy because I am holy."  That is so hard in the world. Why is that? Because Satan is constantly using worldly desires to drag us away from God. Here are some things I can pull up from the top of my head: money, video games, popularity, etc. Money helps us get what we want in this world, video games (sometimes) distract us from godly things such as life. There are lots of killing games for example that God must hate because he conquered death! The sad thing is, some boys my age spend most of their life playing games like that. The world says you need to be popular too. You don't need to. Don't be wasting time and spiritual bricks to your spiritual house on being popular. It could pull you into what the "cool kids" do sometimes which aren't always all that good. Anyway, those are some examples of worldly things. Does God tell us to get money, play video games all day, and be popular?
He tells us to be holy. 
      "You are my holy people!" He says. We are in the world, but we are not of the world. We live with people of the world to be a LIGHT to them. We are giving hope to the people in the darkness if they will except it. We are not supposed to be overwhelmingly stressed, burdened with sadness, and lonely like they are. God gives us Joy with the Hope that Jesus will come again to take us to live with Him. We are also supposed to have willingly servant hearts to others. We want to make the world say that we are Weird in a good way because they see the difference the Lord has put in us to serve others in Love. 

 Y'know, I could go on like this for a while because I want to be filled with God's ideas and not be 

with worldly things.
Yet that is enough for a day and my fingers are tired of typing, so I will write again some other time! Bye!

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