March 21, 2012

MISSION TO CATHAY by Madeleine Polland

This story is a nicely written one about a boy with no name, no home, and a lost family. He teems up with some foreign missionaries and together they make their way to teaching people about God, and learning about God. This book was mostly good but I warn you that people do get killed, mostly because of anger. While the preachers are busy, the nameless boy meets a girl of nobility named Jade. Jade dresses as a boy, and for a long time the boy has no idea that she is a girl. At this time in history, ladies, who can afford it, bind their feet so that they stay small, as an act of beauty. They are also not able to go outside or even look outside. Jade comes to the boy because she wants to get away from the house of Lu Chin, the man that she has to marry. Will the boy be able to find help for Jade? And if not, will Jade still have to go to the house of Lu Chin? The answers are in the book. This is not the kind of book I would like to read every day, even though it is a good book.

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