November 23, 2011

THE HEAVENLY MAN by Brother Yun (the heavenly man) and Paul Hattaway (chinese translator)

Brother Yun is a man filled with God's power and compassion. Although being tortured, beaten, sick, and put in jail over 30 times, he never lost his faith. God has worked many miracles in him(fasting for 74 days without food or water, God healing his crushed, unfix-able legs, and God opening the gates of the Zhengzhou Maximum Security prison, [the most secure prison in china] and much more.) This is a man who should not be marveled at. He is only an example of what God can do, an example of what God can do through us too! Some times God needs us to go to a place where Christians are absolutely prohibited. How are the people in those areas going to know about God if no one tells them about him? That, I think, is what God is calling me to do. I WOULD RECOMEND THIS BOOK FOR PEOPLE A LITTLE BIT OLDER THAN TEN

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